Everyone is Welcome!

The Motor City Roundup event is for everyone who wants to have fun driving their car fast in a safe and controlled manner. If you have a valid driver's license and a car, you are qualified to participate. Any licensed driver is welcome, from experienced racers to drivers who’ve never been on a road racing course, and everyone in between. All makes and models are welcome.

Learn to Safely Run Your Vehicle on the Track

The Motor City Roundup event is safely and professionally run by car enthusiasts that are experienced race track drivers. We have run many high performance driving events, do we know what we are doing. Learn from experienced driving instructors who provide both classroom instruction and in-car coaching, all included in the registration cost. You learn to drive your car safely at a level of performance with which you are comfortable.

High Performance Car Not Necessary

You can drive your car, even if it's not a race car or a high performance vehicle. All makes and models are welcome. You can learn to drive on the track even with an ordinary daily driver. You can learn to get the most out of whatever car you are driving. It's about driving a car fast, not about driving a fast car!

Spectators and Cars Welcome

You can come along and watch the event from the stands, and even go for a hot lap on the track! To ride along, you need a helmet, closed toe shoes, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt. If you just want to show off your ride and park it in the pits, you are welcome to do so at no charge. At lunch time, there are parade laps on the track for everyone who chooses to participate.

Sponsor Midway

Motor City Roundup event sponsors showcase their products in the pit area and representatives are available to answer your questions.

Learn More

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